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Will’s Way offers facilities for guests to spend time reflecting, sharing, and working together, both indoors and outside, on 115 peaceful acres.  Space is available for large and small group meetings, shared meals, children's activities, and overnight lodging.  All buildings will be accessible by wheelchair and comfortably furnished with all necessary amenities.

Retreat guests will be provided lodging and food but remain responsible for their own medications and any other special items they may require.

All transportation at Will’s Way will be provided via golf carts and horse-drawn wagons.  Cars must be left at the designated area by the welcome center.

Thank you to Christopher C. Valluzzo, Baton Rouge, LA
for his donation which helped  buy a stove for the new kitchen.


Side of New Bunkhouse with new roof and siding.


Bunkhouse with new roof and siding.

Roof Construction Donated for Will’s Way House!
We are blessed to have received $1,500.00 donated by Phil and Horace Holliday to complete roof construction on the Will’s Way house.  Due to this construction on the roof and the renovation work inside of the house, we will not host over night activities at the house for the next several weeks.  Daily activities will continue, as well as our being available during the day for all persons reaching out to Will’s Way.


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